Minority demands merger of 4 ministries as it serves notice of rejection

The minority in Parliament has proposed a merger of 4 ministries as a cost-cutting measure.

The NDC MPs want the ministry of Information added to that of communications, Railways development to that of Transport, Chieftaincy and religious affairs collapsed into Tourism and Creative Arts and Sanitation and water resources merged with local government.

Addressing the media in parliament minority leader Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson assured a directive from the party for the nominees to be rejected will be adhered to, to the letter.

He further asked the President to cut back on a number of portfolios at the presidency in tune with current economic crisis.

It thus called for ” Immediate scrapping of all amorphous creations and waste-pipe, job-for-the-boys’ appointments since the assumption of office of President Akufo Addo in 2017. The work of those undefined, amorphous creations must revert to established entities in the civil and public service that perform similar, if not same functions.”

In a sharp reaction, the majority has described as disappointing the position of the minority.

Speaking to the media deputy majority leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin argued the directive of the NDC to its MPs is unconstitutional.

He questioned why the minority members of the appointments committee are joining the vetting process despite their reservations.

“…I don’t know why they’ve come to sit here when you have a prejudiced mind. What are you coming to do? To ask questions to embarrass them then go ahead and say that we’ve failed you. Is that what they are here to do? he queried.

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