I became a lesbian at 10 — Rev. Minister speaks to Maame Grace

Lady pastor and head of Tabernacle of Praise Chapel International, Baabah Djirackor has has narrated a heart-rending abusive ordeal she experienced in her early age as a girl.

According to the preacher, she was sexually abused by her school mother, and that got her hooked on lesbianism, untill later on when she got saved by Christ.

My mum took a liking to my school mother and handled me to her during my first day at school. She then betrayed the trust my mum gave to her and started abusing me sexually. She initiated me into lesbianism at age 10 years —

Speaking on Revelations on GHOne TV with Maame Grace, Rev. Baabah emphasized that, if not for the grace of God, she should have been running a brothel by now.

“My cousin took me to church and I got mixed up with altar call and after that event, something supernatural happened to me and I heard a voice telling me to get up. Jesus led me to say an altar confession “ — Lady Rev. Baabah Djirackor , head pastor and founder of Tabernacle of Praise Chapel International.

She said the lust for a fellow woman totally vanished afterwards. I stopped totally.

I blame parenting and the hypocrisy of the church. Sexual issues are so much shredded in hypocrisy and that’s the problem. – Emphasized

Revelations is a TV show produced by Gerom Studios and shows every Sunday on GHOne TV and Dstv channel 361. Revelations is hosted by Lady Rev Maame Grace, an Apostle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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