Your fake life is giving young people pressure — Martha Ankomah

Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah has urged other famous people to cease putting pressure on the youth by leading false lives.

Martha Ankomah, known for her modesty and sincerity, has been in the industry for years without any form of scandal attached to her brand.

Speaking with Emelia Brobbey on her Okukuseku show, Martha Ankomah stated that a lot of celebrities are only concerned about portraying an expensive lifestyle on social media, a situation which, according to her, puts unnecessary pressure on young people who want to be like them.

She said, some of her colleagues take taxis to expensive places only to take pictures and act as if they are living an expensive life.

According to her, celebrities must let their followers understand that wealth does not come within a day, and that is exactly what their lives must portray.

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