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We rated NPP 48.78% not 72% for work done on 2016 manifesto – IMANI Ghana Clarifies

Policy think tank, Imani Ghana has debunked speculations that it has given the Nana Addo led administration 72% for work done in terms of its campaign promises prior to the 2016 elections.

In a statement published on their website, the group stated it had not rated the President and his government 72% as it is been circulated.

The group also clarified other issues  published in their ‘IMANIFesto’ 2019.

According to them, ‘IMANIFesto’  is an assessment of the progress made by the current government in fulfilling the myriad of commitments it made in 2016 which secured what is considered by many as an unprecedented victory at the ballot in the 4th Republic, is conducted to gauge the level of performance.


Read Full statement Below:

IMANI did not say anywhere that “IMANI, in its IMANIFESTO, gave government 72% percent for the fulfilment of its 2016 manifesto promises.”


1. From our IMANIFesto 2019, The NPP government scored 48.78% for the overall fulfillment of its 2016 manifesto promises.

2.IMANI analysis did indicate 70 percent of all NPP manifesto promises have featured in policy design with varying levels of implementation.

3. However, Manifesto promises which have seen complete implementation make up approximantely 27 percent of the total commitments made by the NPP in 2016. The NPP says it has done 29% instead. IMANI counted 510 promises, the NPP says they counted 388.

4. On Infrastructure, the NPP says they made 45 promises and have fully executed only 5. IMANI, interestingly counted 58 promises under infrastructure and found out that the NPP government has fully implemented 19, partially implemented 18 and leaving 21 to be fulfilled. This scores them a good 46.44% on infrastructure. The NPP had done more in infrastrcture than they claim. Infrastructure promises verified by IMANI were extracted from( roads, railways, ports and harbours, maintenance schemes, aviation, ICT, Housing and water infrastructure)

5. IMANI analysis revealed that with almost a year to go to the polls, the NPP had scored 54.35 % on the delivery of its commitments on the ECONOMY, 46.21% on GOVERNANCE, 39.13 % on HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT, 43.78% on SOCIAL SERVICES and 46.44% on INFRASTRUCTURE.

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