Want to keep your natural hair game on? Here are five easy tips

Written by on October 17, 2018

Keeping your hair natural can be very tricky and tiring. Here are five basic steps that wold help you enjoy your hair trip.

Natural hair has become a trend lately among women and men  and it becomes a worry when your desired hair goal is not achieved.

Most women and even men purchase expensive hair products with the aim of keeping a healthy hair yet their efforts prove futile.

Dear naturals, purchasing expensive hair products does not guarantee a happy and wonderful hair. In this article, I would be giving you five basic things you need to do to achieve your hair desires.

  • Hair Shampoo: The most often purchased natural hair product is the shampoo and most of us get confused when choosing a product as easy as shampoo. Most of us buy shampoo based on the fragrance and its price; well these are important when purchasing hair product, however, this shouldn’t be a main criteria when choosing shampoo. Purchase hair products that are designed to be gentle on the hair and one that would prevent dryness and hair damage.
  • Start a natural hair journal: One tip that would help you in your natural hair journey is starting a natural hair journal. Keeping records and documenting what you do to your hair would help you understand what works for your hair and what doesn’t.
  • Washing the hair: People often ask how often should they wash their hair? There are different types of hair and how often one should wash the hair varies. Wash your hair as often as you desire, you can however tell if you are over washing the hair. When you over wash the hair, the hair losses its color and becomes dull and unhealthy. Use lukewarm water when washing the hair because hot water washes away the protective oil which acts as the natural conditioner and gives the hair its shine.
  • Protective hairstyles: Protective styling prevents your hair from damage and encourages growth retention, protects the end of your hair strands. A protective hairstyle should be one that allows the hair to breathe and shouldn’t be tight on the edges of the hair. One thing you should note is that protective hairstyles shouldn’t require much daily or constant upkeep.
  • Bonnets and Shower caps: Protecting your hair has equal importance to what you put in your hair. Putting on satin or silk hair bonnets that are not tight on your hairline helps in locking the moisture in your hair. Protecting your hair in the shower with a shower cap is also very essential as water which enters the edges of the hair during shower makes the hair fragile and causes breakage.

These five basic tips would help give you that confidence you need to slay in your healthy hair and  don’t forget to understand the phases your hair is made up of, what ingredients to avoid and what ingredients your hair needs. Have a wonderful hair journey!!

Source: Selasie Ayivi

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