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Videos: Ejura youth clash with military, 2 dead

There is chaos in Ejura as two persons have been confirmed dead and four others injured after protesters and the military clashed over the murder of Ibrahim Anyass, popularly known as Macho Kaaka.

Two persons who are relatives of the two deceased men have also collapsed and rushed to the Ejura Government Hospital.

The protesters have hit the streets over the killing of a social media activist, Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed, who was attacked by unknown assailants over his #FixTheCountry activism.

After police and military have been dispatched to restore order in the area on Tuesday, reports indicate that warning shots fired by the security personnel hit some of the protesters.

The military men are reported to have fired into the protesters at Ejura.

Meanwhile, the hashtags #JusticeforKaaka and #WeareallKaaka are trending on social media platforms to demand justice for a member of a popular pressure group who has died after a vicious assault.

Forty-year-old Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed was an affiliate of the popular #FixTheCountry campaign.

He was attacked by the assailants at Ejura on Saturday, June 26, 2021, over his activism.

An amateur video that has popped up on social media show Kaaka being struck in the head repeatedly with heavy objects until he lost consciousness.

Before he was assaulted there have been numerous threats on his life and there are rife allegations that local government officials in Ejura are behind the threats and subsequent assault on Kaaka.

Many have blamed police for failing to provide protection for him even though he reported the threats made on his life and so the angry youth in Ejura took to the streets over his death.

They blocked roads and burned tires in what many fear points to the possibility of volatility if tempers are not calmed down.

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