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This theme comes with the Qantumthemes Videolove plugin, to create beautiful video galleries with filters, and is totally customizable in colors, columns and more! Check out the amazing videolove gallery here… and to create it, you just need the “videolove” shortcode!

Dr Ephraim Amu – Yen ara asaase ni


Yɛn ara asaase ni Ɛyɛ abɔdenden ma yɛn Mogya a nananom hwie gu, nya de too hɔ maa yɛn Aduru me ne wo nso so Sɛ yɛbɛyɛ bi atoa so Nimdeɛ ntraso nkotokrane ne apɛsɛmenkomenya Ato yɛn bra mo dem na ye’sase ho do atɔm sɛ Adi yɛn bra mu dɛm ama yen Asaase hɔ do atɔmu sɛ Chorus: Ɔman no sɛ ɛbɛ yɛ yie oo […]
The National Anthem of Ghana with Lyrics


THE NATIONAL ANTHEM First Stanza Second Stanza Third Stanza God bless our homeland Ghana And make our nation great and strong, Bold to defend forever The cause of Freedom and of Right; Fill our hearts with true humility, Make us cherish fearless honesty, And help us to resist oppressors’ rule With all our will and might for […]
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