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Video: KiDi is an average kisser – Cina Soul

For fans of Hiplife artiste, KiDi who watched his Sugar movie, you may have seen a scene where he kissed songstress Cina Soul.

Well, after several months, Cina Soul has been answering some questions on the kiss she shared with KiDi. 

According to the singer and 2020 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) Video of the Year winner, she had never kissed anyone on set although she had acted in a few movies before ‘Sugar’.

She told Delay in an interview on the Delay show that shooting the kissing scene was a very hard one.

“It was a planned kiss, there was nothing behind it, no emotions, trust me; I was very uncomfortable during the movie because there are cameras on you.

‘There’s like ten people on set and immediately they say action, you have to kiss someone; it was very hard”, she said.

“I’ve acted a couple of movies before but I’ve never kissed anyone before”, she said.

Rating KiDi’s kiss, Cina Soul said: “I think he’s a good kisser. It’s OK, it’s average”.

Watch her interview below: 

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