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Video: ‘I might kill myself if people don’t laugh at my jokes’ – Clemento Suarez

Comic actor Clement Ashiteye, popularly known as Clemento Suarez says one of the reasons why he hasn’t ventured into standup comedy is because he fears people may not laugh at his jokes when he is on stage.

Known for his hilarious stage performances and funny skits, the actor said the dynamics of comic acting and standup comedy are different and he will be extremely worried if no one laughs at his jokes when he is on stage.

“With the comic acting, I usually perform with others so if you don’t laugh, you can’t do anything to me but if I’m on stage cracking jokes and no one laughs, I’ll be extremely worried. I might even kill myself” , he said jokingly in an interview with Delay on the Delay show.

Suarez however said he may consider it in the future but for now, he is focused on his comic acting.

Watch the interview below:

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