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US election: Biden launches transition website as he takes lead

When a candidate wins the presidency, he or she needs to set up what’s called a transition team to help prepare to take office in the following January.

As we know, there’s no winner in this election yet, but both candidates say they’re expecting to be victorious. Both want to set a narrative that the direction of the race favours them.

Now Joe Biden has launched his transition website – Build Back Better. It states: “The crises facing the country are severe – from a pandemic to an economic recession, climate change to racial injustice – and the transition team will continue preparing at full speed so that the Biden‑Harris Administration can hit the ground running on Day One.”

On Wednesday, Biden reaffirmed his pledge to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement on the first day of his presidency.

The US officially withdrew from the accord on Wednesday, something that Donald Trump committed to in 2016.

Source: BBC

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