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Sudan discovers a mass grave of military officers

The Sudanese government has announced that it has discovered a mass grave dating to 1990.

The attorney general on Thursday said the mass grave had 28 military officers believed to have been involved in a failed coup against former President Omar al-Bashir.

“The attorney has found strong evidences that there is a mass grave of military officers that were killed in 1990 and the grave is now under the protection of the authorities until the investigations would finish,” read a statement.

Mr Bashir’s regime foiled a military coup in 1990 and many reports said that the officers involved were killed.

He is currently facing charges over the military coup that brought him to power in 1989.

If convicted, the former president who ruled Sudan for 30 years – could face the death penalty.

Mr Bashir has also been indicted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes and genocide in the western Darfur region.

He was overthrown last year after months of pro-democracy demonstrations.

Source: BBC

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