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Shocking Video: Pastor throws man into crowd during deliverance

Video from a church service during one of its deliverance sessions has set tongues wagging on social media.

In recent times, there have been many incidents of rogue pastors doing outrageous things in the name of deliverance or direction from God.

From the outrageous miracles to directives, not a single week passes without one hearing of a rogue pastor doing something untoward.

While such acts often receive a lot of condemnation from social media users, it seems that phenomenon is not going away anytime soon.

A new video which has popped up online suggests such unusual behaviour in the Christian church may even be getting worse as it has got to the point where pastors lift congregant during an unconvincing sprit exorcism.

In the video shared on Instagram by @atinkanews, the pastor had a taller male congregant before him and mumbled some words while touching parts of the man’s body.

In a swift manner, he made a belly-to-belly lift of the man and threw him into the congregation.

Both men landed on the floor as the man’s weight seemed to drag the pastor with him while he made the throw.

Unperturbed, the pastor repeated the process but this time, he carried the man on his shoulder. The man fell while the congregants watched in awe.

Watch the video below :

Source: Atinka News

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