Not so long ago, MY AGOGO was the toast of Asante Akyem. Only the likes of Bompata came a little close to having a rich history, facilities and most importantly personalities from amongst them as we do. Can’t say the same now for them (Bompata) though, for Agogo has indeed surpassed them in all these other areas for sure..#word. Our warlike, smart and ABLE LEADERS and CHIEFS from history left to us a prosperous, united society and most importantly LAND. The Ofori Krobon Stool i can say on authority has the largest and biggest stool lands in the whole of the Asante Kingdom. Our leaders were not only warlike and fearless but also diplomatic and kind, same reasons we can now boast of Lands, a hospital, teachers and nursing training colleges and a university. Nana Yaw Asamoah who ruled in (1856-1884) during the reign of Asantehene Nana Kwaku Duah I, was responsible for forging a lasting friendship with Rev. Ramseyer and his Basel mission, who in-turn adopted Agogo and has made my city the envy of many today with all these institutions. The collective efforts of the many in Agogo including the cooperation of all the other clans and their leaders are what we see today. Nature couldn’t have been kinder to Agogoman for the weather conditions are just as great and as are the lands from we which farm and eat. Its a sight to behold, Agogo is indeed blessed. Welcome to the naturally walled city.

Some of these developments and changes happened long before my grandparents were born and others as current as yesterday. Times have indeed changed, and though i cannot make changes that can directly influence the decisions of our forefathers, i can only try to appreciate the logic and reasons behind some of their decisions that has brought us this far. Generations after ours will do same with much luck, for Google will be their guide to answering some of these questions about Agogoman and where everything went wrong. For now though, we can only assume and make informed guesses as to why certain events happened they way they did. Complete with images and quotes as well as videos of our actions and inactions, the next generation will however see that our society is not as great as it used to be. Signs like this very piece tried with luck to tell Agogoman to rise and make people conscious of what our society is turning into.

When a society rebels against its spiritual authority and custodians of our values and traditions like Agogo youth did on the 7th of December 2011 to demand the head of Agogomanhene and his stool over the Fulani atrocities, it goes to show how bad the situation has gotten. Now Agogo at best can be described as a war zone with bloodshed, agony and a rebellious youth responsible for stirring up trouble and inciting the rest gof the population to take up arms against the fulani herdsmen. if you dont  believe me, ask Google. The media have now made it seem like death itself is resident and comfortably living amongst us. Then there is politricks and politricians who only come in when they need our votes and recoil to wherever they came from after they have gotten what they want. To add insult to injury, they leave behind enmity between brothers and sisters and the family as a whole after all is said and done. Like stooges and puppets, they pull strings and continue to affect our society in ways that have brought us to a level where there is no respect for OUR LEADERS, OUR CONSCIENCE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OURSELVES.

How come we have no united front to dealing with this fulani menace?

How safe are the lands left in our care by our fore-bearers who toiled and shed blood just so we can also have lands to farm and feed our families?

How have we positioned ourselves as a people to have a greater say in Our own administration? in Politics and the administration of the Agogo hospital.

How much influence do we have on the various educational institutions in town and how do we intend to benefit from it, so our children will also enjoy from these institutions?

Will we have equally great and patriotic sons and daughters of the land to replace the very accomplished but old guards who are gradually fading out or dead? Names like the Late Baah Wiredu, the late Kwakye Tutu and the late Collins Asabre, Messrs, Kwaku Kyei, Anyang-Kusi are some of our best exports to Ghana and the rest of the world; will we have others of their same or even better caliber and accomplishments in their stead?

Until some of these questions are carefully deliberated and a consensus reached, our society will remain in its current state of decay and decline.

Education will always play a role, but most importantly the values we put in our younger ones will help in making Agogo great Again. these very values that taught us to respect authority without question and value hard work, to appreciate our lot and be thankful and proud will not only have to be modified but also critically examined so that we adopt to modern trends without feeling let behind in this fast and ever changing world.

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