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Russia announces world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, Putin’s daughter gets vaccinated

Russia has officially registered a coronavirus vaccine developed by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute, President Vladimir Putin said on Russian state TV on Tuesday.

Speaking in a live teleconference with his cabinet ministers, Putin said the vaccine had gone through all the necessary checks.

The Russian President said one of his daughters has taken the vaccine; he said she had a slightly higher temperature, but that she now feels better.

Reports about Russia’s vaccine have come amid concerns about its safety, effectiveness and allegations that the country has cut essential corners in its development.

Russian officials told CNN previously that crucial Phase III trials would take place after state registration of the vaccine.

Russia has released no scientific data on its vaccine testing and CNN is unable to verify its claimed safety or effectiveness.

Critics say the country’s push for a vaccine comes amid political pressure from the Kremlin, which is keen to portray Russia as a global scientific force.

Source: CNN

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