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Revelations! Daughters of Glorious Jesus detail how they met their husbands

Ever wondered how members of gospel music group Daughters of Glorious Jesus met their better halves? Well, the trio Cynthia Appiadu, Edna Sarpong (sisters by blood) and Monica Owusu Ansah have given accounts of circumstances that led to their discoveries.


Twenty-six (26) years ago, Monica met a man who happened to be the brother of Cynthia and Edna. It was just a little over four (4) years the ladies had been together as a group propagating the gospel through music. Monica, according to Edna dedicated herself to wash their clothes whenever they returned from crusades.

“We noticed our brother was giving her an amount that exceeded what she actually needed for soap to do the laundry. He could give her five times the amount,” Edna recalled in an interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ but said they did not know he was their brother at the time.

“He’s from my father’s side… The day she got married, we moved all moved to the house. When she woke up the next day, we were at her door. She cried the moment she saw us,” Edna continued.

Monica explained that she cried because it was the first time she had left them.

“We had stayed together for so many years. And it was the first time I had slept with a man under the same roof. So they had come to inquire from me what happened. I was sad when I saw them,” said Monica.

She further recalled how she perceived the man who eventually became her husband. According to her, he was a member of the Crusade Team and demonstrated how he cherishes the work of God through weird means, including decorating himself with crusade posters.


Edna met her husband in Amsterdam. According to Monica, Edna was shivering when she was communicating to the group that a man had proposed to her and expressed interest in taking her as a wife.

“She said the man was a member of the Resurrection Power Church so I told her we should pray about it. God being so good, they got married,” said Monica.


Like Edna, Cynthia met her husband outside Ghana. They met in Holland. Cynthia disclosed in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb that she God showed her the man she would marry while performing on stage.

“If you know me so well, you’d have noticed that most of the time, I close my eyes when we’re performing. We were singing, my eyes were closed; when I opened my eyes, I saw two men who walked across the stage to take their seats. The Lord told me the one behind is my husband. I never knew him and I wasn’t looking forward to marry,” she narrated.

“Interestingly, before this, he had bought a copy of our first album. When he saw the cover, he said ‘This girl is my wife, I’ll marry her’” Cynthia added.

Despite the revelation, she did her background checks and prayed before accepting the proposal.

“On my birthday, he bought a watch and a card for me. It was delivered to me by his friend. I called him after three days and thanked him for the present. He subsequently called me and the rest is history. It’s been twenty-two years now,” an elated Cynthia recalled, triggering applause and cheers from studio audience and her group members.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Ghanaweb

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