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Retired FIFA Referee Commends GFA for acquiring new communication gadgets for Referees

Retired FIFA referee, Joseph Wellington has applauded the Ghana Football Association for procuring new communication gadgets for referees.

He believes the communication gadgets provided will aid refereeing.

Speaking with Salt Fire Sports, Joseph Wellington was impressed with the FA’s new direction to improve refereeing in the local leagues.

“The gadgets are communicators”

” When a match is going on, there are several incidents on the field in which the center referee will not be able to identify”

” There are sharp incidents in games and these gadgets will help the line 1 and the line 2 referees to communicate and correct errors in the game”

“Almost all the European leagues use these gadgets”

Ghana Football Association recently provided an update on the modern gadgets they have procured to improve refereeing in the league.

According to reports, the new gadgets will be be used in some selected games before handing over to referees Manager, Alex Kotey.

Referee Wellington represented West Africa at Referees instructors conference in Las Palmas in Spain, prior to the 2014 World Cup.

Credit: Michael Osei | Salt Fire Sports

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