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Photos: Ohene Kwame Frimpong supports caretaker of orphans in Kumawu

CEO of Ghana’s fast-rising media group, Salt Media GH, Ohene Kwame Frimpong has supported a caretaker of orphans in Kumawu.

The woman who has been taking care of orphans told Mr. Frimpong how she felt sick and lost the only job that served as a source of income to take care of the orphans.

The Salt Media boss upon hearing the story reached into his wallet to support the woman with capital to start a business from which she can generate revenue to cater for the children in her care.

Ohene Frimpong Stormed Kumawu and Mampong on Day 2 of his annual donations

Boss of Salt 95.9 FM, Ohene Kwame Frimpong, and his team of philanthropists stormed Kumawu, Mampong, and environs making many donations to widows as part of the Annual Salt Media Foundation projects to put smiles on the faces of vulnerable widows who might not have the opportunity to enjoy the Yuletide.

The annual donation started on Christmas Eve with over 1,500 donations made to widows from Agogo, Konongo, Ejura, and other surrounding communities. Ohene Kwame is giving out rice, chicken, and oil to a rough total of over 2,000 widows by end of the project.

Over the past years, Ohene Kwame Frimpong has made it a vow to assist the needy and vulnerable especially aged women and widows.

Africa’s inadequate social care system for the aged especially women has driven thousands into abject poverty — depriving them the chance to celebrate global holiday festivities like Christmas. Several national policies have been implemented by governments to alleviate the plight of these poor and needy aged women, but the gap is still increasing.

“This is an essential event we intend to rotate annually as our core vision in helping ease the financial burden on widows and poor aged women, especially in rural communities – by granting them goodies, it goes a long way to ease their pain of loss or need” — Ohene Kwame Frimpong explained.

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