Opinion: Intermittent power outages christened Dumsor in Agogo becoming more fearful than the novel Covid-19 existential threat

It has been sometime now, the good people of Agogo have been engulfed with a heavy dizzy intermittent power supply. This comes at the time people are supposed to be indoors staying at home safe and more especially when the president HE Nana Addo has loudly pronounced some reliefs in electricity tariffs to, in a way, cushion consumers during this terrible times.

To stay indoors without electricity makes it impossible to watch TV, listen to radio and get education on safety protocols. This makes staying indoors more fearful and dangerous than the virus itself as one can, out of stress, easily be psychologically traumatized or have an increased blood pressure.

One worse thing is, the lights may be on, but there are some areas that will experience a low flow of electric current. There are a lot of lodged complaints but no one will attend to help.

So, we are at a loss wandering the reason that could have ochestrated the current power outages Ghanaians are wallowing in, especially at the time Ghana is blessed with excess generation of electricity.

It is fast eating into the minds of all that this Dumsor seems artificial and a deliberate creation in a way and manner to reduce power consumption so that government will not be burdened with more debts to pay when the three months finally come to an end.

Consequently, Ghanaians and more especially the good people of Agogo are beginning to smell a rat as well as cast doubts on the president’s highfalutin promise to leveraging electricity consumers of some burden for the three months having been proned to this current intermittent power supply witnessed over the exact period of

We call on the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) not to attempt throwing a wet blanket on the president’s pronouncements regarding reduction in electricity tariffs to cushion consumers but to ensure that the good people of Agogo who are also Ghanaians enjoy that waiver from the president by having constant and consistent power supply in their homes to stay at home and be safe.

And what beats my imagination is, a village called Kwahu Onyemso for two years now have not experienced Dumsor. So what wrong has Agogo done to deserve this. There is one thing I believe in, if we don’t show our leaders any action, nothing will be done. And never say I don’t care. We all have to fight for these to be resolved.

In conclusion, we least expect nothing but the regular constant supply of electricity to all consumers to complement the stay at home in fighting the spread of the pandemic because being engaged in the house with TV programmes will not allow people to move out and about to ease stress.
Stay at home!!
Thanks you.

Submitted: Henampong Felix Obeng. Student, UCC

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