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OFWA launches Peace campaign ahead of Election 2020

Open Foundation West Africa (OFWA) has launched a pilot campaign to encourage peace in Ghana before, during and after the 2020 elections.

As Ghana approaches the historic crossroads of the polls, it is important for the peace we enjoy as Ghanaians to be maintained in order to prevent avoidable losses.

The team at OFWA aside the peace campaign is also embarking on a project to update the Wikipedia pages of persons, groups, topics, events and places that matter to the polls in real-time.

The team will help curate such information as is important to the polls on Wikipedia and invites members of the general public to use the hashtag #TheGhanaPolls2020 when sharing information on social media to help with easy access.

About GhanaPolls2020

TheGhanaPolls2020, is a campaign targeted at educating the Ghanaian people about the need to exercise their constitutional right.

More importantly, it is aimed at encouraging peaceful elections for the 2020 electioneering process.

Ultimately, it is a campaign to increase Ghana’s visibility on Wikipedia and the web at large by curating and creating content about Ghana’s election process and the key actors involved. Watch the video here.

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