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Ofankor: Landlord claims he shot his tenant in self- defence

Victor Stephen Nana Kankam, the landlord who is reported to have shot and killed his tenant at Ofankor on May 24, 2020 has said he acted in self-defence.

Mr Kankam speaking to the media said: “I didn’t want to speak on this issue and was waiting for my legal team but what I can say is I acted in self-defence”

Reports say the deceased Spark Benjamine was expected to vacate the room as his time had expired, he was asked by Mr Kankam if he would want to renew his tenancy and he agreed.

Later the deceased changed his mind and told his sister that he had a dream where the landlord had pointed a gun to his head so he wanted to leave the room.

This change of mind made the landlord write a letter to him that he should leave the room the very day his time expires which was on May 24, 2020.

According to residents, Spark Benjamine had parked his things to leave the room but the landlord came with a gun and wearing a bulletproof as well.

He knocked on Benjamine’s door and once he came out he shot him four times in the chest. He then took to his heels knowing what he has done.

Benjamine was rushed to the hospital only to be pronounced dead. Mr Kankam is currently in police custody and will be arraigned for court soon.

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