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O.B Amponsah is no.1 comedian in Ghana. DKB livid as Mmebusem tailgates!

Comedian DKB did not take it well at all as the list of Top Comedians in Ghana was published by www.ghanaweekend.com. The standup actor stormed social media to vent his spleen at writers and researchers in charge of the Top 10 Comedians in Ghana list.

We decided to bring you the full list as told by writers at Ghanaweekend. Enjoy the drama as it unfolds.

Note that Saltfmonline.com cannot authenticate the accuracy of this report by writers of Ghanaweekend as we are not privy to their methodology or algorithm used to arrive at this conclusion.

A few years ago, the were a lot of people who claimed Ghanaians and for that matter, Ghanaian comedians were not funny.

In fact, there are still some people who believe that the average Ghanaian does not have a good sense of humour.

At a time when Nigerian comedians had become the staple of comedy for the Ghanaian comedy market, it was very difficult for Ghanaian comedians to be accepted on comedy platforms.

After the slapstick comedy (the concert party type) era, some of our young comedians started doing comedy in English. We had David Oscar, Foster Romanus, DKB, Percy and a few others ploughing that turf.

What they did was not totally new though; Fritz Baffour, Tommy Annan Forson, Kweku Sintim Misa (KSM) and a few others had been in that league too.

But David Oscar and his squad were not liked. They could not impress the ordinary Ghanaian who was used to Nigerian comedy.

This, however, did not discourage the Ghanaian comedians. David Oscar and his friends took up the challenge and kept organizing their own shows to prove to people they could do it.

Today, Ghana can boast of having some pretty good comedy talents. Ghanaian comedians can travel to Nigeria and crack up a whole audience. Event organisers have gained some confidence in the Ghanaian comedian that they can bill them on shows and still have positive feedback.

In this piece, ghanaweekend.com presents the top 10 comedians who are making great strides in the Ghanaian comedy industry at present. This list is premised on the general performance of the comedians, their visibility on the comedy market and the clout they wield among other peers.

(1). OB Amponsah: OB Amponsah, an optometrist by training, has suddenly become the toast of the Ghanaian comedy market. He has an unparalleled wit that puts him ahead of his colleagues. His performance at the Lords of the Ribs in Nigeria in 2019 won him a lot of spurs. He has also been on shows like Decemba 2 Rememba, Night of Laughs, Easter Comedy Show, among others.

OB staged his own show dubbed Voices in My Head in December 2019 and is yet to stage another one titled Political Refugee – a concept borne out of the backlash he received after he had made a joke at Decemba 2 Rememba that the name Mahama meant ‘corruption.’

Here are the rest of the list.
(2). Clemento Suarez
(5). Mmebusem
(6). Foster Romanus
(7). Jacinta
(8). Teacher Kwadwo
(9). Khemikal
(10). Comedian Waris

Even though Ghanaian comedy has not gotten to the top, the recent signs of progress should not be glossed over.

These Ghanaian comedians need to be supported, as they continually urged to hone their craft so as to getter better.

Credit: ghanaweekend.com

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