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Nudity is not good – Akuapem Poloo advises

Actress Akuapem Poloo has sent out words of advise to individuals who are fond of taking and posting nude pictures on social media to desist from doing that.

Poloo who has been sentenced to 90-days in prison for sharing nude photos of herself and her son last year seems to have regretted the act.

Her lawyer filed an appeal against the ruling and she was granted bail.

The actress who spent some hours in jail after been granted bail told pressmen in Accra how horrifying the experience was.

She said she could not even eat while in custody, emaciating in the process

But in thanking the many personalities both home and abroad who support her during the trial, she advised celebrities – both current and upcoming ones – who are fond of posting nude pictures on social media to put a stop to it.

“I want to say this to my colleagues, to the young ones who are coming, that it is not a good act,” she stressed.

“I didn’t know and I did it and this is what I got myself into. So please especially the nudity, I beg you, we should put a stop to it. Nudity is not good.”

Born Rosemond Alade Brown, the single mother was found guilty by a circuit court on all three charges but was sentenced to serve each of the 90-day term concurrently.

Her lawyer, Andrew Vortia, however, proceeded to the High Court to appeal the judgement.

He secured a bail pending hearing on the appeal.

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