NPP has nothing to offer the health sector – Omane Boamah

A medical doctor and former Minister of Communication under the erstwhile NDC administration, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah says the NPP has no plan to improve Ghana’s health sector.

Dr. Omane Boamah said the NPP has not provided a strategy it intends to using internet resolving financial issues the health sector faces.

In a debate on records of both NPP and NDC in the health sector, Dr Omane Boamah said the NDC government have invested heavily in the health sector which has seen the many hospitals that are being used for Covid-19 treatment.

He said on issues of health financing and the NHIS, the NDC will make sure funds meant for the scheme are released in full and on time.

Speaking on TV3 about how the NDC intends to make sure the NHIS is run efficiently, he said they will exempt NHIL from all VAT exemptions granted.

Dr Omane Boamah explained that the Free Primary Healthcare will greatly complement the NHIS because the Primary Healthcare will take care of the district level and Ghanaians will be required to use the NHIS card at the regional and tertiary health facilities.

According to him, the Free Primary Healthcare will be funded from the tax and nontax revenue from the consolidated fund, and also a portion of the oil revenue from the hydrocarbon sector will be used.

He concluded by saying there will also be a trust fund with seed money from the government to handle cancer and kidney-related diseases.

On the same platform the Deputy Minister for Health, Dr Bernard Oko-Boye said the Free Primary Healthcare policy of the NDC is not feasible.

Dr Oko-Boye said providing free healthcare at the district level and the Ghanaians will have to pay at the regional levels will only make the situation in the health sector more difficult.

He said the best option is for Ghanaians to vote for the NPP for an efficient NHIS.

Dr Oko-Boye said the NPP has now made it possible for 25% of claims to be processed electronically and the aim is to increase it to 75% when voted for again.

He explained that their plan as a government is to expand the coverage of the NHIS to cover more people and also include more conditions under it.

The NHIS which already covers breast cancer will from 2021 cover other pediatric cancers.

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