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Nigerian Fetish Priest Cries Mercilessly After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

A powerful Nigerian fetish priest couldn’t hold back his tears as he cried mercilessly after he tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

The fetish priest whose name cannot be revealed due to security reasons was one of the people who were identified through contact tracing in Lagos, Nigeria. As reported by Nigerian authorities, the fetish priest was subjected to 14 days of self-isolation at his shrine when he was identified as one of the people who had come into contact with an infected person.

After a few days of self-quarantine, he started showing symptoms of the sickness to which a test was carried on him which he tested positive.

According to the fetish priest, he does not know of anybody who has contracted the virus. He, however, said he might have been infected by one white man which he doesn’t know his country of origin.

He said it all happened when he went to one supermarket in Lagos to buy hand sanitizers for use at his shrine. According to him, there was one white man close to him who was continuously sneezing and coughing severely. He strongly believes that’s where we got infected.

Addressing authorities at his shrine where he was self-quarantined for days, the fetish priest said he could not believe a whole servant of ‘Amadioha’ had contracted the deadly coronavirus.

“I don’t want to die. Please do whatever you can to save me. I went to buy sanitizers for use at my shrine and see what has happened. Is it that I disobeyed the gods for getting myself hand sanitizers? ‘Amadioha’ will deal with this ‘onyibo’ for being the cause of this,” he said as he cried rolling himself on the ground.

It took the intervention of the health workers to calm him down and educated him that being infected with coronavirus was not a death sentence and that there’s a higher chance of he recovering.

When asked to choose between been taken to the hospital for treatment or been left at the shrine for ‘Amadioha’ to heal him, he quickly replied “What kind of question is that? Does ‘Amadioha’ treat coronavirus”

Source: rynnewsonline.com

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