NABCO initiative mediocre – Quashigah

Written by on October 18, 2018

The significance of Nation Builder’s Corps (NaBCO) has been pooh-poohed by Deputy Ranking Member on Parliament’s Employment Committee, Richard Quashiga, as he has described the initiative as mediocre.

Government introduced the NABCO initiative as part of its commitment towards addressing the high youth unemployment in the country. On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, hundred thousand (100,000) recruits of NABCO successfully passed out at an elaborate ceremony held at the Independence Square in Accra.

Speaking on Citi FM, Mr. Quashigah reiterated that NABCO is not different from the Youth Employment Agency programme.

“I think clearly this programme is nothing to celebrate… Those celebrating it are celebrating nothing but mediocrity. First of all, it is nothing innovative. It was something that was carved out of the existing YEA programme…I do not think it will wash. There is nothing glamorous about this, yet the President made a lot of fanfare about it,” he noted.

“We are talking about 90,000 young people but they are saying it is 100,000. Granted that it is 100, 000 young people, is this something that will give these people equal pay? Especially for the kind of work that they will be doing. Especially when you look at those in the health sector as Nurses.”

“We know there is a gap of about 50,000 required in the health service, meanwhile there are 32,000 already out there and theirs is for government to sign a contract with them so that they can be engaged, and now you want those who are already professionals who have gone through the rudiments of effective training to undergo training again. What kind of training do they need again? These people will be going through the programme already de-motivated” he added.

Meanwhile, policy think tank, IMANI Ghana says it will neither praise nor condemn government following the launch of its first initiative to create jobs.

“It is simplistic to just come out and condemn NaBCo and it is also simplistic to just come out and hail it as a solution. The truth is that it is neither condemnable nor the solution we need to start subjecting these things to real economic analysis and try to find a way to ensure they can earn the investment we put in them,” Vice President of IMANI, Kofi Bentil said on Joy FM.

“The president said ‘earn every pesewa which is to say if we spend a million cedis on NaBCo then it should be able to produce more than a million cedis then you can sustain it. That is economic analysis. So if you ask me if it is sustainable, what I will say is that it is sustainable as long as there is the political will and energy to sustain it but whether it is economically sustainable I think the calculations will show otherwise,” he added.

Some GH¢3 billion has been pumped into the programme in which recruits are expected to earn ¢700 monthly allowance for three years.

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