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N/E Region: NIA official killed after gunmen attacked Peace Council meeting

Salt 95.9 FM has gathered that an official of the National Identification Authority has been killed in the North East Region after gunmen attacked a Peace Council meeting in Sanguli.

The man met his untimely death as the quasi-peace committee who work under the Peace Council met to discuss a cheiftaincy dispute between two Komkomba faction.

Reports say the Chairman for this peace delegation was the target of these gunmen.

According to the Chairman there are smaller chieftaincy disputes in other districts of the region so they were having a meeting with residents on the need to embrace peace.

He said they have been to more than eight communities because Sanguli has about nine communities.

He continued that when they went to one of the communities yesterday, an elderly man approached them and told them they won’t be allowed to hold a meeting there because he has not been informed.

According to him, he attempted to explain the situation to the man but he did not backdown on his stance, so the Chairman says he went to a local church to tell people who had gathered to listen to the peace message that the situation was getting intensed and the meeting will not come off.

Whiles he was trying to explain to them, gunmen opened fire on them and unfortunately this senior NIA official had visited the community and had gone to the scene to listen to the peace message was hit multiple times and has been confirmed dead.

His body has been deposited to a morgue in Yendi.

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