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Music Awards Board is not the birthright of musicians — Kelly Lartey Mensah educates

Director of Hakell Music Productions, Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah has said that, musicians have no place being on music awards board if their competence do not meet the requirements of the Board of Directors for such schemes. According to the music blogger and entertaiment analyst, the work of musicians in this regard can for specific in time which they can serve on a voting or nominating academy. Because board of directors have key supervisory roles that goes beyond just voting for nominees presented to it by research teams.

His comments come shortly after certain industry people have called on the 3 Music Awards board to forcefully include musicians on the board.

“A board is an administrative and operational body. It has specific competences that have very little to do with ones ability to sing or dance, it’s a serious composition of industry people, media personalities and other experts” — Kelly Mensah said.

“People ignorantly think a music awards board is mandatory required to have people who play guitar or konka on it…this is bland and mischievous. ” — He noted.

According to Kelly Lartey Mensah, who recently joined the management team of Afropop band, Dark Suburb, the sane argument of these critics should be that, an Academy should be given a nomination rights. “And the Academy is not necessarily for musicians, it’s a global practice that most voting and nomination academies are made up of media people, record label people, critics, and industry folks” — he wrote.

“The over 500 voting academy of the BET Awards is not by obligation to be made up of musicians. There are media guys, music bloggers, etc.. it consists of industry and media heads. This is not even the board, it’s the academy” — Kelly Mensah.

He urged fellow pundits to get facts before going hard to rubbish such systems because are totally different from voting or nominating academies.

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