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Lifting lockdown was not based on science but politics – Akandoh

Ranking Member on Parliament’s Health Committee, Hon. Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, has said he believes the decision taken by President Akufo-Addo to lift the partial lockdown was not based on science as he claims.

The President in his 7th address to the nation lifted a three-week-old partial lockdown imposed on areas identified as potential hotspots.

But in a reaction to the president’s address, the NDC MP said the decision to lift the restrictions on movement in areas earmarked as epicentres of the pandemic, cannot be one backed by science, but more on political lines.

According to the Juaboso MP, if the president relied on science and data, then he should have extended the lockdown because the country has seen an ascendency in the cases recorded in the 10 out of 16 regions.

“…clearly, where we have reached now the virus is still spreading to other regions. We have realised that at least, every three days the virus spreads to the extent that it has now reached 10 regions when we started with only two regions. So what it tells you is that the virus is still spreading”.

“When the lockdown started, the country has recorded less than 200 cases and when the President was speaking, he said his action was backed by science. So, now where is the science in this current action of the president; the science being in the figures of the cases we have recorded?” he quizzed.

“…From where I sit, I see it that it is purely a political decision taken by the President. Quite apart from that, there is no science in it because if some areas in a region record less than 30 cases and less than 20 cases and the President locks down these areas and another area record above 50 cases but such an area is not lockdown even for a minute and you tell me it is based on science, I am struggling to see the science in it…

“If you introduce social intervention and we find out that the distribution is not transparent, we have every right to complain and that doesn’t mean that you must flare-up. It is wrong for you to say that since your child refused to stay inside then he should go out and die. Up to now, I have not been able to make anything out of what the President said yesterday,” he indicated.

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