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LGBTQ+ groups infiltrating Ola Girls Senior High – Headmistress reveals

LGBTQ+ groups are infiltrating Ho based Ola Senior High School, headmistress of the school Regina Coffie has disclosed.

She said the groups have recruited many young girls in the school into their fold.

Lesbianism, and related activities under the LGBT+ umbrella, is highly frowned upon by the generality of the conservative and religious Ghanaian communities.

A law banning ‘unnatural carnal knowledge’ is perceived as banning all LGBT+ activities.

Speaking at a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting last week, the Headmistress of the girls’ school said the school has been recording the incidence of lesbianism and related activities.

The school has on many occasions retrieved the popular rainbow flags and other paraphernalia associated with the LGBT+ community from some students.

According to reports, at least two students have been sacked as boarding students this 2021 academic year over their involvement in various LGBT+ activities.

“We have big people who are out there looking for girls. They try to lure others…what I am saying is even when they complete [their education] and come back home, or even if they are in school and they come back on holidays please keep your eyes on them,” Joy News reported Mrs Coffie as telling parents at the PTA meeting.

She said some bold juniors have narrated their ordeal at the hands of seniors who have attempted to recruit them into the LGBT+ world.

“At the guidance and counselling department we are doing a lot, we are trying our best. So please you must also try to support us,” the Headmistress appealed to the parents.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of Parliament has said legislator will soon pass a rigorous law against LGBT+ activities in the country.

The current law does not clearly outlaw LGBT+ activities although it criminalises ‘unnatural carnal knowledge’, explained as sexual intercourse with a person in an unnatural manner or with an animal.

Gay rights activists in Ghana have said the extant law does not make homosexuality and other LGBT+ activities illegal.

The Speaker, Alban Bagbin, has said there is an ongoing process to put to rest ambiguities in the current law against LGBT+ activities in the country.

“Urgent actions are being taken to pass a law to eventually nib the activities of these groups in the bud. Stakeholder consultations are ongoing and the results will feed into a Bill that will eventually be passed into law by Parliament,” the Speaker of Parliament said in his response to a petition.

The petition was filed by a political activist, Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse, for Parliament to amend Ghana’s human rights law to enable it to fight activities of LGBT+ groups and their presence in Ghana more effectively.

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