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Kennedy Agyapong sends caution to orthodox pastors

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has sent strong warning to orthodox pastors who are harboring thoughts of deceiving the public that he will rain hell on them if they make any attempt to deceive their members.

Responding to a question by Paul Adom Okyere concerning why he does not go after pastors from orthodox churches but focuses only on pastors in Charismatic churches, Kennedy Agyapong quickly said, “My sword is here and there. If any orthodox pastor or priest makes a mistake and tries to deceive the public. I will hit him hard”.

According to him even though he is not perfect like any other human being, there are things he wouldn’t do; like killing for money or deceiving the poor in society to take their money. Based on these two things he strongly detests and does not see himself ever doing, Kennedy Agyapong said he can classify himself as righteous.

“No man is perfect but I’ll not go and kill for money. I’ll not go and deceive the poor people and take their money. When it comes to that, I am righteous. As a human being I may do certain things that may not be right so you cannot sit here and say I am perfect”, he reiterated.

Kennedy Agyapong added that one of the reasons he is going after fake pastors is the confidence at which they dupe the poor and the common sermon they all use focusing only on wealth and not salvation.

He said if all the fake pastors he has exposed were indeed prophets, they would have had revelations about what he intended to do to them which is to uncover their evil plots and falsehood.

“These pastors only use their brains to deceive the public by creating fear and panic among their victims so they can dupe them.

“If indeed they can see what is wrong with you, then why didn’t Obinim see what was coming at him? Why didn’t Nigel see what was coming? Get it straight into your mind; they use their brains to deceive you. They don’t have anything”, He said on Good Evening Ghana.

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