It’s disrespectful to compare the current Blackstars team to ours – Rev Osei Kofi

Kumasi Asante Kotoko and Blackstars legend, Rev Osei Kofi has said that the performance of the current Blackstars team should never be compared to the team he was part of.

According to him, the current team’s performance is abysmal and no where close to theirs.

In an interview with Salt Fire Sports on Monday, the triple Olympian lamented on the poor performance of the Blackstars in recent times.

” During our peak, we managed four AFCON titles in 19 years for Ghana. Since then, the so called better Blackstars have not been able to clinch even a single AFCON title for Ghana, which is almost 40 years. I don’t even waste my time to go to the stadium to watch football, our football is poor”

The former Ghana International also used the opportunity to share his thoughts on the local topflight indicating he has stopped following the league because it is unattractive.

 ” Everyone likes things that are attractive, that is why people follow the European leagues”.

According to him, he does not even know a name of a single player who plays in the Ghanaian league because there is nothing exciting about the football they play for him to watch and follow the teams or its players.

“I can’t even mention the name of two players who currently ply their trade in the local scene”. he said on Salt 95.9 FM

Rev Osei Kofi recounted some of the achievements of his team aside winning trophies.

” Because of the quality we had, we were able to bring on board the Mighty Real Madrid to Accra sports stadium, this can never happen again”

” Seriously we lack quality” – he added

The Blackstars of Ghana have failed to win the AFCON for almost 40 years despite coming close to clinching it few times.

The last time Ghana won the AFCON was 1982 in Libya, in which the legendary Osei Kofi
was instrumental.


Source: Michael Osei | Salt Fire Sports

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