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I’m surprised Martin Amidu didn’t quit earlier- Manasseh Azure

Ace Investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni says he is surprised that Martin Amidu stayed at his post as Special Prosecutor for a long time.

According to him, he expected the ‘citizen vigilante’ to resign earlier because of all the tough times he was given during his term of office which made it clear that the government was not ready to support him to fight corruption.

He said Mr Amidu has a reputation of a very passionate anti-corruption crusader but with all that panned out, he needed to quit.

“I believe he had stayed too long in that position and not too long ago, I asked him why he was still at post. I felt that he has built a reputation for himself. For him to have sat down for all that he had built to go down the drain, I thought that it was too much. I was surprised that he stayed this long,” Mr. Awuni said on Citi TV.
Manasseh believes Amidu’s resignation was because “his hands were tied and things were not happening as they should.”

He said the failure of the presidency to commit to the fight against corruption will not in any way be addressed.

“After this Agyapa deal, he got the realization that going forward, this administration is not committed to the fight against corruption… Without the presidency being committed, there is no way he was going to succeed,” Awuni added.
Martin Amidu announced his resignation as Special Prosecutor on Monday, November 16, 2020.

Among other things, he cited interference by the government in his work although he is supposed to be independent and also the death of former President Jerry John Rawlings who to him, was a source of protection from the threats on his life after conducting a corruption risk assessment on the controversial Agyapa Mineral Royalties deal.

Martin Amidu’s decision has been received with mixed reactions with some accusing the president of having double standards on the fight against corruption.

Others have described Mr. Amidu as one cowardly leaving his job.

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