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If anything happens to me, blame Akufo-Addo- Martin Amidu

The Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu says the President should be blamed if anything happens to him.

He disclosed that several threats have been made agaisnt him.

But several attempts by him to speak to the Minister of National Security, Mr Albert Kan Dapaah, on the threats against him, have hit dead ends.

“I tried to call Kan Dapaah, he didn’t pick it and I got a former national security advisor to contact him and tell him that, and I know the persons involved, I can name them but I reserve it for the meantime”, he said.

According to him, if anything happens President Akufo-Addo should be blamed.

“I put my life for the republic of Ghana and the president will be responsible for anything that happens to me.”

“The intelligence is there and I called the minister of national security but he didn’t pick and I got a former national security advisor to speak to him and this fact is now known and I say that the president will be responsible for anything that happens to me”, he said in an interview with Citi FM’s Umaru Sanda

He explained that he is a Ghanaian and needed to be protected as any ordinary Ghanaian, therefore, there is no need for any special security for him.

“I’m a Ghanaian and I don’t fear anything and, as I said, to die in the cause of fighting corruption is what I started with President Jerry Rawlings on 31st December 1982 and I’m not going to leave it because some people think that they can threaten me. I don’t give a damn about that.”

“…If they don’t stop, I’ll respond”, he threatened, saying: “As to what I’ll do, I reserve that for myself but as I said, whatever happens to me, I lay my life for the republic of Ghana and the president has a constitutional duty to protect me. I don’t need any security in my house or to follow me. And anybody who makes an attempt, he will have himself to blame”.

Mr Amidu also revealed that his kinsmen are ready to come down south in his defence.

“People have called and want to come in truckloads from Bawku and I told them that what they are hearing is not true because, as a citizen of Ghana, I’m entitled to say my mind and defend the Constitution”.

He wondered why there is so much vitriol against him from people in government following his release of the Agyapa report.

“The fact that you are in government doesn’t mean that when you are dissatisfied about a report, you go after the person or the fellow”, he said, revealing: “The Minister of Finance has been my friend for years; why will I go for him? When I was writing the report, didn’t he come to this house? Was he not here on 21 October? What did I tell him? Why is he now churning our information about me and targets and all that? Should I come out? Let’s stop it and I say let’s stop it before we wash dirty linen in public”.

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