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I never abused eShun – Stephen Mensah fires back

Ex-manager of musician eShun, Stephen Mensah has said he is not happy about the accusations being thrown at him by the artiste.

eShun accused her former manager of verbally abusing, blackmailing and emotionally torturing her while they were dating.

She said her ex-lover contracted a supposed prophet, to cast doom prophecies about her anytime she thought of breaking up with him.

eShun also mentioned that Stephen was actually her fiancé who was sponsoring her music rather than a manager.

However, Stephen said it will not be healthy for him to come out with his counterclaims adding that, the story and whatever happened between them is private and should be respected as such.

According to him, as someone who was actively involved in creating the brand ‘eShun’ from beginning, he wouldn’t want to say things to counter the allegations that might lead to the end of her music career abruptly.

”The eShun brand discussion is something I really don’t want to do. I am actually not happy with some of the things said against me so why will I do same at her brand. I mean a brand that I build from the scratch. Do I want to harm her brand, NO. I want her to keep going, so if it means me suffering for her to grow and become bigger, so be it.

”You are the brand, you are the artiste, whatever it takes to get you there, we will do it. I won’t come and sit here and denigrate and say stuffs that will destroy something that is in my CV. No I won’t do that. Going into it means that coming at her, what will I gain. Will it pay some of the debts I am owing. NO. It won’t change anything from me. God knows the truth.” he said in an interview on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ Friday morning.

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