Hotel accommodation fee is too much – Ghanaians stranded in India tell government

Some Ghanaians who are currently stranded in India say they are not happy about the amount they are to pay to undergo mandatory quarantine when they return to Ghana.

The Ghanaians last week appealed to the government to give them an evacuation plan to enable them to return home.

In an interview with Accra based Citi FM, Edward Nwiah who is one of the stranded Ghanaians said the GHS600 per person for hotel accommodation is overly expensive.

“As for flight tickets, we don’t have any issues with that. Our main concern now is with accommodation. We are supposed to pay this amount, GHS 600, being the highest and GHS350 being the lowest. Is it a student who is already being thrown out from his hostel who doesn’t have money for the flight, talk of accommodation? We don’t have money to pay for that kind of accommodation. We are even struggling to raise money for flights and now they are adding accommodation.”

The over 150 Ghanaian nationals had earlier disclosed that, authorities at the consulate collected their data about two months ago for possible evacuation, but have since not heard any official communication on when that will be done.

The government of Ghana had in the past few weeks evacuated over 1,000 Ghanaians from various countries, even as the country’s borders remain shut to human traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Evacuation of Ghanaians and conditions
The government has indicated that the issue of Ghanaians stranded abroad will be addressed in phases.

However, the pre-condition for evacuation was that the stranded citizens bear the full cost of their 14-day mandatory quarantine when they arrive in the country.

These arrivals will be quarantined at the Airport View Hotel, Alisa Hotel and Marriot Hotel.

Stay at the Airport View Hotel is costing GHS400 a night, Alisa Hotel going for GHS600 a night and Marriot Hotel going for GHS766 a night.

The government’s pre-conditions for evacuation is, however, a source of concern for some of the Ghanaians abroad who have described them as excessive.

Some say they cannot afford the cost of quarantine because they have run out of money.


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