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Having Sex before a match is good for a footballer– CAF Doctor

CAF Medical Officer, Dr. Prince Pambo says footballers having sex before matches is good for their performance on the field.

“It’s good for players to have sex before games. There isn’t any problem with that if they are doing it right with their wives or girlfriends”, he told Accra based Happy FM.

According to the astute Ghanaian sports physician, there’s nothing wrong with a player having sex before a football game.

“The only problem is that some players get distracted because of the multiple girlfriends they have which turns to affect their performance that is why sometimes they are not allowed to do so”, he explained why some clubs discourage players from having sex before games.

Dr Pambo cautioned players who smoke marijuana (weed) before games to desist from it saying it clouds their sense of judgement when on the field.

“Smoking weed does not give a player an advantage on the field. They are not even productive. If a doping test is carried out and it turns positive they can be sanctioned”.


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