Good Sex leading to orgasms limit medical conditions — Gynecologist

A Consultant Obstetrician, Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist at Shape Health Care Medical Center, Dr. Promise .E. Sefogah has stated that good sexual intimacy leading to orgasms limit medical conditions and improve the psychological being of women.

According to him, good sex between two to three times in a week boosts the immunity of women, adding that good sexual intimacy is able to stand up to infections in women.

He advised women to engage in healthy regular sex to strengthen their pelvic floor, stressing that good sex improves the estrogens in women and make them look much younger.

According to him, good sex enhances women’s mood, and serves as a way of slashing stress.

Speaking on Citi FM/Citi TV’s Effective Living Series with Host Bernard Avle, Dr. Sefogah underscored that “yes people should keep having sex, sexual intimacy has a huge load of health and wellness including psychological and emotional benefits.

Scientific research has it that good sex that leads to orgasm limit risk of medical conditions two or three times a week, tendency to boost immunity that is how your body is able to stand up to infection, enhances your mood, it’s a way of slashing your stress, a good physical exercise, strengths pelvic floor in women, makes women look younger”.

The Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist at Shape Health Care Medical Center said good sex prevents frequent urination in women during old age.

He observed that the number of women who experience pains during sexual intimacy is higher than men who go through pains during the sex.

According to him, pains experienced by women inside the vagina during sexual intercourse lead to infections associated with itching and unpleasant discharge.

“Women report sexual pains more than men, men hardly report, they try to bear everything, except it is unbearable. The pains during sexual intercourse are of two main types, either the woman will experience the pain in the vagina -superficial, or she feels the pains in the lower abdomen. Depending on where the pain is and the likely causes.

Those in the vagina lead to infections which may come with vagina itching, some unusual vagina discharge and unpleasant smell or not,” Fertility Specialist at Shape Health Care Medical Center explained.
He said lack of lubrication in some women’s private parts causes unpleasant pains during sex, urging women to ensure their estrogens are boosted in order for them to enjoy good sex.

“Some of our young women have excessive pains during sex, they are not able to lubricate well, and that makes sexual experiences unpleasant for them,” Dr. Sefogah indicated.

He cautioned women who experience endometriosis [boils outside their vagina] should seek medical attention to prevent ovarian cancer.

Source: Ghanaweekend

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