Ghana’s active COVID-19 cases see sharp increase with schools about to resume

Ghana’s active Covid-19 cases have jumped to 1,261 as of 7 January 2021, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) reports.

A total 56,230 cases have been confirmed since March last year when the country recorded its first two cases. 

So far, 338 individuals have lost their lives to the virus with 54, 631  recoveries. 

At the airport, 846 cases have been detected out of which 501 international travelers have recovered.

No patient is on ventilator at the moment, according to the GHS. However, 44 individuals are in severe situation with four others being classified as critical.

Back to school

Since January 9, Ghana has been re-opening its education facilities that have remained closed for close to a year.

Delivering his 21st COVID-19 update, President Akufo-Addo announced a ‘phased’ reopening of schools starting January 9 in public universities.

President Akufo-Addo addressing Ghanaians
He said: “The lessons drawn from the reopening of some sections of our educational institutions, in last year, have put us in a much better position to oversee successfully the full reopening of our schools. Our children must go to school, albeit safely, and we are satisfied that, in the current circumstances, the re-opening of our schools is safe.”

“So, from 15th January, our children in kindergarten, primary and Junior High, in both private and public schools, will be back in school. All SHS 1 students will start classes from 10th March, with all students embarking on a single-track academic calendar”, President Akufo-Addo added.

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