Full Video: Sista Afia apologizes to Freda Ryhmz on live TV

After the fist fight between Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz on TV3’s premises earlier this week, the two female artistes met again on Accra based UTV.

Unlike their earlier meeting which ended in the exchange of ‘blows’, Sista Afia apologized to Freda on live tv.

Freda Rhymz however failed to apologize back insisting she had done no wrong to Sista Afia. According to her, she is a victim and has nothing to apologize for.

Watch Full Video Below:

Freda Ryhmz refuses to apologize to Sista Afia after the latter apologized on live tv

Publiée par Salt 95.9 FM sur Samedi 23 mai 2020
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