Forget “frightening” Covid-19 tests and force clubs to inhale “neem tree vapour” – Bechem United boss tells Ghana FA

Bechem United chief Nana Kwasi Darlyn has kicked against the testing of players and officials for coronavirus, claiming the consistent inhaling of Azadirachta indica “neem tree” is a better option to boost the immune system of the principal actors ahead of the start of the 2020-21 season.

Kwasi Darlyn insists the scientific approach of testing for the deadly virus is just a “frighten” tool which does little to solve the problem.

He is therefore advocating for a traditional approach to dealing with the virus which has claimed almost 300 lives in the powerful West African nation.

Premier League and Division One League clubs are expected to undergo mandatory testing prior to the start of the football season in November.

But there are fears about the cost and its implications on clubs, forcing King Faisal to defy government orders to kick-start training without the required testing protocol.

But Bechem United Chief Executive Nana Kwasi Darlyn wants Match Commissioners to ensure players and officials “inhale the vapour of the neem tree” to serve as immune booster in a sensational twist to ways of preventing the coronavirus.

“The testing for coronavirus does not solve the problem. So instead of preaching the test of corona, we should be concerned about boosting our immune system,” he told popular Tarkwa-based Medeaama FM

“We should be channeling our energies in ensuring we make good use of Azadirachta indica “neem tree”

“The neem tree easily kills the virus. The match commissioners must just ensure players and officials immerse under neem tree before and after matches. The clubs can continue this routine before matches on weekly basis.

“The testing won’t solve the problem. The testing only frightens you, updates you on the number of people infected.

“Lets go the traditional way of covering ourselves with a cloth or big towel and inhale its vapour to boost the immune system. This is the most effective way than testing.”

Neem leaves are good to kill bacteria as well as cure leprosy, eye disorders, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, and diseases of the heart alongside liver problems.

According to available literature, neem tree, whose botanical name is Azadirachta indica or Indian lilac, is a popular ancient medicinal herb that has been part of traditional remedies that date back almost 5,000 years.

Neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties, and that is why they work wonders on infections, burns and skin problems.

The leaves destroy the bacteria that causes infections, stimulate the immune system and promote rapid healing.

People usually cook some of the plucked leaves, boil and drink the greenish liquid that comes from the leaves, while others squeeze the leaves in their palms and add it to water to have their bath.

One common usage is that people put the boiled leaves together with the hot water in a bucket, sit by it and cover themselves with a cloth or big towel and inhale its vapour.

This age-old practice in Ghana is known as ‘Punu’ by the Akans – which is the largest ethnic group in the West African nation.

The 2020-21 Ghana Premier League will kick-start on November 13.


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