FDA allays fears of transmission of COVID-19 through poultry products

The Foods and Drugs Authority has allayed fears of animal to human transmission of COVID-19 following news that poultry products from Brazil have been affected by the virus.

As such, countries including China and the Philippines, which receive poultry imports from Brazil have ceased to do so for the time being.

Poultry farmers in Ghana have subsequently advocated for the consumption of more locally produced poultry but according to the FDA, Ghana is still receiving poultry imports from Brazil as there is nothing to worry about.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Acting Head of Food Division of the Food and Drugs Authority stated that there is no cause for alarm and encouraged people to continue eating meat.

“There is what we call food borne diseases and coronavirus, as we know, is not transmitted that way. It is a scientific fact that has been made known by WHO. They may exist sometimes on packaging materials and that is why we insist on the need for everybody to constantly wash their hands. Remember that the virus as it is needs a living organism. So if you are talking about food the main scientific fact now is that it is not a food-borne disease and so people should go ahead and eat their meat”.

He explained that activities at the ports have remained the same as Ghana is still receiving imports from Brazil.

“We haven’t banned any meat coming from Brazil, Ghana has not taken any such step. If you go to the ports it is the same operations that we have been doing with the necessary protocols in place,” he added.


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