Fameye admits to owing Ogidi Brown, says he’ll pay by end of March 2021

The brouhaha between the Boss of OGB Music, Ogidi Brown, and his former signee, Fameye has finally come to an end after the case was taken to the elders in Antoa.

Earlier, Ogidi Brown took to social media and threatened to end the life of his former signee over his refusal to pay him some money he owes him.

In a recorded video, Ogidi Brown stated that Fameye owes him a whopping amount of 50,000USD but he has refused to pay him after he came to him with some elder and promised to pay.

Moments after that, Fameye was summoned by the elders in Antoa town to resolve the issue between him and his former boss.

Fameye also heeded their call and reported himself to the elders as requested and even before that he shared a photo of himself posing beside a signboard with “ANTOA” written on it.

According to reports from Celebritiesbuzz.com, the two have resolved their differences as Fameye agrees on paying the money by the end of March.

‘Fameye admitted that he indeed owes Ogidi Brown and that he’s willing to pay him the full amount”.

“Fameye promised to pay half of the amount in January 2021 after which he’ll pay the rest by March”, the site reported.

However, the meeting was held peacefully with no grudges but we hope Fameye fulfills his part of the deal this time around.

See the photos of the meeting below:

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