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Eni LarbiBounces Back With ‘Not Broken’, A Divine Message To The Weary

Over a period of waiting, the Ghanaian populace is again going to witness another soul searching contemporary gospel music as Eni Larbi laces up to an invasion release July 15 which is also his birthday.

Born into an Adventist family of four and divinely gifted with an angelic vocal, Eni Larbi drops ‘Not Broken’ after being in a hideout for years since his maiden release ‘Bra Fie’ literally translated as ‘Come Home’.

In an exclusive interview with The New Publisher, Eni Larbi divulged what had incited him to choose such an inspirational quote as the theme for his yet to be released single.
In his narration, the singer promulgated that the message embedded in ‘Not Broken’ came to him at a double phase.

He maintained that ‘Not Broken’ relates to his personal life experience and on the broader space, it communicates hope to the Christian family in these times of terror.
He has stated that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic left most of his Christian brethren yelling ‘the day of the Lord’ whiles a section of the Christian faith grew cold and dwelled in the bosom of fear.

For such reason, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to disseminate a divine messageto the Lord’s people and the world at large which the Lord has said “I am with you all the days, until the completion of the age…”, therefore, whatever terror they are facing is only to prepare them for a better future but ‘Not Broken’.

Then also he indicated, “The song highlights the ways of God in the lives of those who have placed their faith in him. Sometimes we eagerly seek to have something from the Lord in prayer and to answer our requests, he takes us through a series of tests to prepare us for his great blessings.

““Just like the story of Abraham, even though the Lord declared him as a father to many nations, he had to wait till his 100 years before having a son for himself. And even more so, the Lord tested him to sacrifice only begotten son and with that, he was pleased by God. So ‘Not Broken’ can be regarded as an inspirational song to the Christian faith that whatsoever is the situation, we should declare by faith that we are not broken”.

Making more revelations about his personal encounter at the Gospel music fraternity, Eni Larbi disclosed his mission of touching lives with his God given talent not necessarily to chase clout or make money as a priority.

“I am blessed to be a blessing unto others not to see them paying for what they are to receive freely. No one can afford divinity; therefore, it has to be given freely since it was given for free. I have been going for programs but do not seek to take money from organizers. I don’t care how and what it will take me to grace the occasion, my sole purpose is to touch lives with God’s words through music and that is what I have been called to minister.” he added.

Eni Larbi is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Ghana. He sings with ‘The Manifest Acapella’ and readying to professionally invade the gospel music industry with contemporary releases.


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