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Ejisu SHTS student attempts to commit suicide after being accused of theft

A second-year student of the Ejisu Secondary Technical Senior High School has been hospitalised after drinking liquid soap in what is believed to be an attempted suicide on campus.

This was after an Assistant Headmaster locked him up with a colleague, overnight, in his office, for stealing the school’s electric stabiliser on Tuesday night, July 21, 2020.

According to school authorities, the two were brought in by a taxi driver who allegedly caught them climbing over the school wall with the machine.

The assistant headmaster Kofi Appiah told Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor that he asked the students to strip naked leaving only their underwear and locked them up in his office until the next day because they were not forthcoming with information.

“They were not telling me the truth. It was late in the night and school management were not around. Headmistress too wasn’t around so I did not want to take any decision outside them so I decided to keep them in my office so that the following morning (Wednesday), when the head and other members come, we sit on it and trash the issue,” he said.

Shouts by the colleague from inside the office attracted attention staff and students who found the victim foaming from the mouth.

“They called me this morning and said that he had drank some of the liquid soap. So quickly we came and he was there on the ground. We then took him to the hospital.”

Mr Appiah however confirmed that “they were wearing some white shorts and I said they should take them off. But they were wearing their boxer shorts.”

The victim is receiving treatment at the Ejisu Government Hospital.

School authorities have reported the incident to the police.

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