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E/R: Tricycle rider dies after collision with ambulance

A tricycle rider has died after colliding with an ambulance in Koforidua, in the Eastern Region.
According to the Eastern Regional Director of the Ghana Ambulance Service, Michael Gaani, the unfortunate incident happened on September 23.

He said the New Juaben North constituency embossed ambulance was en route to St. Joseph hospital to pick up an emergency case to Accra.

However, the tricycle rider recklessly crossed the ambulance driver while other cars had given way to the ambulance resulting in a side-impact collision.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but the rider died shortly after arrival.

Michael Gaani further lamented how drivers are facing serious obstruction from facing reckless riding of tricycle riders in parts of the region.

“On Tuesday one of the Pragya hit the back of our ambulance at Aburi and destroyed all the lights. They are crashing our ambulances and killing themselves. The riders do not know the regulations on the road and they are just riding anyhow”.

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