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Don’t be used as agents of political tension – YPN President to youth

President of the Young Professionals Network (YPN), Mr. Stephen Asiedu has urged the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to instigate violence in the country’s general elections in December.

Mr. Asiedu said the youth must put the future of the country first rather than working to satisfy the parochial interest of individuals who are mostly aged and will soon fade out of the system.

According to him, if the youth allow themselves to be used by politicians to plunge the country into a state of insecurity, then there will be no future for generations to come.

Speaking exclusively to, the YPN President said as part of activities to get campaign messages across to the youth, the group would continue to engage in advocacy and direct interactions with the youth to help them understand the various laws that govern the electoral processes.

“The youth is the future of our country and oftentimes during elections and electoral processes they end up being used by political actors for the parochial interests of these politicians. We have advised that the youth should always look at protecting the future for themselves because if you do not do the right thing they will plunge the state into insecurity”, he cautioned.

Mr. Stephen Asiedu believes the good counsel will go a long way to help the youth in staying out of trouble before, during and after the elections.

“We will continue to engage the youth through advocacy and direct engagement to observe the very laws that govern this whole process. Let us not be used as agents of conflict but follow the rules and laws. We must make sure we are protecting our right and the right of every legitimate voter and try at all times to prevent violence because that is the only way we can safeguard the peace that we have enjoyed over the years”, he stated.

He indicated that YPN has already begun its advocacy on social media interacting with the youth and urging them to help maintain the peace in the country considering there is already the COVID-19 pandemic hovering around.

On why he joined the Chief of Staff, Madam Akosua Frema Osei Opare when she toured ten registration centres in the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency on Sunday, August 2, 2020, he explained that “the Chief of Staff from her days as MP and Lecturer at the University of Ghana has been an ambassador of peace and beacon of hope for people in that constituency. I see her as a mother so when I found out she was stepping out to register and tour some constituencies, I just felt it was in order to support her.”

“She is one of the patrons of YPN and she has continually been our backbone. She has been a mother and a mentor to most of us and going forward we hope we can achieve more with her for the benefit of our members and the country as well.

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