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Coronavirus: Confirmed Global cases surpasses 2 million

Global cases have now surpassed 2 million, according to the Johns Hopkins Institute, with around half of the cases in Europe and almost a third in the US.

There have been 128,000 deaths worldwide, with around 200 countries logging infections.

Partial lockdowns have been implemented in many countries with varying degrees of stringency and success.

Senior politicians, actors and sports stars have all been affected. Sporting events have been canceled and global travel has ground to a halt as countries attempt to contain the outbreak.

Europe reported its first infection on January 25, in France, and it wasn’t long before Germany and Italy followed suit, the latter of which was the hardest-hit in Europe until Spain assumed that mantle last week. Between them, Spain and Italy have reported some 340,000 cases and almost 40,000 deaths

Source: DW

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