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Coronavirus: Akufo-Addo says he’s saddened by the effects the ban on public gatherings will have on this year’s Ramadan

President Nana Akufo-Addo has said he is saddened by the fact that this year’s Ramadan cannot be observed as it is usually done every year because of the ban on public gatherings.

“For instance, today is the eve of Ramadan and mosques are not operating. It is the first time in my lifetime that Ramadan is going to be celebrated without mosques being open. These are very difficult times and they require difficult decisions to be taken.”

The President said this when he met with Muslim leaders at the Jubilee House on Wednesday in Accra.

According to the President, although some of the decisions may be uncomfortable, it will be in the best interest of all.

“It’s not been easy. You can imagine the decisions we have to take to disrupt the lives of our people. They are very difficult decisions to take. When you’re put in a position of leadership and you’re confronted with a situation, you have a choice. Either to fall back and look up and say ‘Oh God, what can I do?’, or you stand up and act like a man and try to protect the people who have been out in your care. And I chose the latter, that I would do what I felt was right to protect the people of Ghana,” he said at a meeting with Muslim leaders at the Jubilee House on Wednesday.

The President however noted that deliberations are underway with various stakeholders to determine whether or not it will be right to lift the ban.

President Akufo-Addo on March 15, 2020 imposed a ban on all public gatherings with the aim of minimizing the spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

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