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Christian men now wish to date married women – Rev. Maame Grace

Maame Grace, a pastor has spoken against a weird canker bewildering the Christian fraternity where men are ignoring the marital status of women and going ahead to propose to them in an effort to make them their beloved.
The of Leader of Global Eagle Revival Outreach noted that, these men have a single quest of having amorous relationships with these women and careless about their engagement rings or otherwise.

In her weekly YouTube broadcasts, Maame Grace spoke against it, called it immoral and said that such men must work hard in prayer and fasting to rise above these shortcomings.

Citing the Biblical incidence of David and Bathsheba, Maame advised Christian men to be careful and respect the institution of marriage. “We are in society that men don’t care about your relationship status. I have come across a lot of these issues through my broadcast on social media. All these people doing this immoral things are Christians.” – Maame Grace explain.

The preacher quotes several Bible verses to support her assertion and teachings about the hidden prowess of the woman.

Maame Grace is a mother of six children and head pastor at the Global Eagle Revival Outreach Ministry. She runs a YouTube channel that helps her to reach out to more people with her teachings.

Follow her on www.facebook.com/geromtwentytwenty or www.instagram.com/gerom2020

Watch the full video below:

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