Children ask for their dad every day, it hasn’t been easy – Atsu’s partner Claire-Rupio shares challenges

Marie Claire-Rupio has admitted that life has been far from easy for her following the tragic death of her partner, Christian Atsu.

The Ghanaian footballer passed away in February due to the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey.

Claire-Rupio, a German national who shares three children with Atsu, took to her Instagram to express the difficulties she encounters in her daily life.

Her decision to share these challenges came in response to the criticism she received after posting a video of herself dancing to Davido’s popular song, “Unavailable.”

In her explanation, she stated, “I am writing just to say a few things, yes I posted a dance video. Not because I am happy, but because I have to find a way to deal with my grief. I am not alone; I have three children to take care of by myself. I can’t lose myself because I need to be strong for them. And in Europe, you deal with mental health in a lot of ways, and dancing was always my passion. So, excuse me, but please just think before you write something or put it on YouTube. Thank you.”

“We are missing Christian every single day, and it hasn’t been easy. Especially when you have three children who are asking every day for their dad! I am doing my best.”

Christian Atsu was laid to rest in March.

Source: 3news

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